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The Office was founded in 1979, by Prof. Bruno Franceschetti, resident teacher for about 35 years in all of the education departments of the Italian finance police (Academy, Fiscal Police and Non-Commissioned Officers School) and in the Central Fiscal School. At the moment the founder is the Public Prosecutor’s consultant in Rome and Milan and Official receiver. He either has been or currently is auditor in many companies belonging to Enel Ltd. group (Terna Ltd.- Eurogen Ltd. - Electrogen Ltd. – Interpower Ltd. – E.E.E. Enel Energy Europe ENDESA-Spain- E.I.I. Enel Ingegneria Innovazione Ltd. - Enel New Hydro Ltd.) and other companies (Equitalia Marche Ltd.).
Over the years, the Office has evolved from the typical “one-man-band” structure becoming an “integrated offering” Office. At present there are three different offices in Rome, with a total surface of 500 sq. m. The Office is composed by working and researching groups divided according to expertise areas, where the customers are supported by selected experts, who develop spot or long-term projects suiting their needs.
The Office offers integrated assistance in business, fiscal and  taxes, law, corporate and job matters given by experts (Chartered Accountants, Auditors, Labor Consultants and Lawyers) divided into the following consulting areas:

- Fiscal and Taxation Area
- Company Area
- Corporate Legal Area
- Job Area
- Ethics Area: Non profit and Social Enterprises

Franceschetti Office